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Custom Development

Contata Solutions, founded in 2000, is a Data Science Service Provider & Software Application Development Company, headquartered in Minneapolis, US with 5 offices including offshore centers in India – a Software Engineering Group based in the Delhi NCR region, back-office support group based in Nagpur & Indore India, and a sales office in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Since 2000, maintaining a legacy of loyal client base distributed across the US and also have served customers in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, Netherlands & other EU countries within wide range of business domains and verticals mainly being e-governance, Oil & Gas, Media, Pharma, IP/Legal, Retail, Automobile, Manufacturing among others. 

We’ve partnered with many leading businesses in various industries to build their business-critical software applications. Our experienced developers have delivered complex mobile, web, and enterprise software projects, driving growth and innovation. With your top-tier resources, you get unparalleled expertise for your most strategic software builds. 

 One Stop Shop for all your software development needs 

From back-end to front-end, from strategy, to QA to DevOps, we deliver full-stack software development services that support your product requirements and deliver your strategic business needs. 

 Development processes designed to deliver value rapidly 

Our custom software development services are defined by transparency, quality, and operational excellence. Through our pragmatic Agile approach, we develop, test, and adjust as your innovative ideas are transformed into high-quality, scalable software products that drive real business value. 

 Scalability and Cost Efficiency 

The cloud doesn’t conform to a one-size-fits-all mentality.  Instead, it gives you a lot of different options to set up your environment to meet your unique needs. Two main service models in the cloud are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).  Both of these have their merits, and you can even mix the two when needed. Contata has expertise with both the service models. 

 Power your applications with machine learning and AI 

Search easily across millions of documents of different types and find insights with a sub second response. Documents are secured and only visible to individuals who are authorized to access that document. Do a full text search on content as well as Meta Data tags. Apply ranking and rating to get more relevant documents faster. 

 Most Demanded Application Development Services: 


To have discussion with our consultant talk to sales team on  +46-851-970-002 or send mail on . 

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