Construction plan: learn about the main types

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Are you going to start building or renovating? Then get to know the main types of plants and the respective indications for each phase of your project! Cerâmica Ermida presents details for you to ensure better planning and materialization of what will be built !

When it comes to renovation or constructionplanning is the word that guides the entire process, whether in setting budgets, purchasing materials and even controlling deadlines . This is an essential step in any project, to ensure greater efficiency in deliveries , in addition to compliance with existing standards.

In this process, one of the first steps for the preview and materialization of the project is the making of a plan , a drawing responsible for illustrating how the work will be carried out – commonly prepared by engineers and architects.

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But what exactly are building plans?

In civil construction, plans (popularly called floor plans ) are drawings made from a “cut in the building” to be built or renovated. This material is intended to convey a better understanding of the project idea to the people and professionals involved.

In general, they illustrate all the rooms and environments that will be part of the project, along with the respective footage and necessary technical specifications.

In certain plant models it is also possible, for example, to locate the distribution of furniture, passages and openings for doors and windows, in addition to other elements, such as the installation of electrical and hydraulic points.

Main types of plants:

To facilitate the understanding and execution of the project foreseen in the plan, different versions are generated, adapted for each stage of the work. Basically, each variant will bring a specific vision of the project to the team that will interpret it.

For example: one plant will demonstrate the dimensions and scales for the execution of the masonry and application of the blocks , while another will take care of the aesthetic part of the space, focused on the architecture and design of the environment.

Below you can see the five main types of construction plans used.

Digital software for drawing up plans

We usually see the development of these plants being represented on large sheets of hand-made paper. However, with the evolution of the segment, and the application of the Construction 4.0 concept increasingly present, numerous digital tools have made this process faster, more assertive and rich in details.

Each platform available on the market will have its specific advantages and features, bringing the possibility of creating 2D or 3D plans.

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