Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance
Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance

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Comprehensive car insurance offers a complete range of coverage, assistance, and services for the driver and his vehicle. They include, of course, the mandatory ones such as civil liability insurance, but also all those that complete the policies for third parties such as broken windows or vehicle theft.

Comprehensive policies include coverage that does cover both the driver and the insured car itself in the event of being involved in an accident, regardless of whether or not it is the cause; Similarly, even if there are no third parties, as in the case of bumps or damage during parking, the fully insured car is protected in these circumstances as well.

Practical services that are commonly used by drivers, such as the replacement vehicle or the defense against traffic purposes, are also facilities that fully comprehensive car insurance holders enjoy.

There are two basic modalities within comprehensive insurance. You can find comprehensive policies with or without excess. Excess insurance may be cheaper in principle, but they have the disadvantage that they only cover part of the expenses related to the claim. Whenever the costs of repair or assistance are less than the amount established -premium- in the contract -for example, 300 euros- it is the insurance holder who has to bear the bills.

Comprehensive insurance without excess is the most complete and effective that can be contracted to protect a vehicle, the responsibility for the protection of the insured car falls exclusively and fully on the insurance company. The maximum coverage for any eventuality or possibility is included in this type of insurance that responds to all the needs and demands of drivers regardless of their circumstances.

To complete their offer of car insurance, insurance companies market exclusive policies with different coverage for specific drivers, such as young drivers, experienced drivers, professional drivers, or ecological cars. This type of contract entails cheaper premiums or advantages for certain clients, as well as discounts or exclusive coverage of great interest.

Car insurance can therefore be a comprehensive or third party, but keep in mind that within each of these two options there are a large number of details that can change from one company to another. On the other hand, the insured must pay attention to the economic amounts that are insured –expenditure limits- in each of the coverages and that can suppose a significant difference in the final price, but also a very different degree of protection.

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