Choosing bedroom furniture requires consideration of the following factors

If you haven’t moved much, it is possible to only have purchased bedroom furniture once or twice. It can be difficult to update bedroom furniture. What is a “chifferobe?” What is the difference between a nightstand, dresser or chest? How do you select the right furniture to fit your bedroom?

Here are six things you should consider

1. Space

Measure your bedroom before you buy bedroom furniture

2. Style

Next, pick the style you want for your bedroom furniture. You have been longing for a classic, elegant sleigh mattress. Are you a modernist? Are you more comfortable with transitional pieces or modern furniture? Think about how furniture will look in your bedroom.

3. There are many choices for bed options

Don’t get too attached to one type of bed. You should consider which headboard and footboard options work best for you. Is your headboard too high? Do your long legs need more space? Are you tired of putting your blankets on the footboard? This will allow you to narrow down your search.

A bedroom remodel is a great opportunity to change the size and style of your bed. A bedroom remodel should include a new mattress if you feel a bigger mattress is better for your needs.

4. Nightstands & Bedside Chests

Apart from a mattress and a bed, nightstands are the most important bedroom furniture piece. You can think of nightstands as extensions to the bed. A nightstand can be used as a lamp holder or to store books, phones, alarm clocks, and other items. Two nightstands are required in the master bedroom. On each side, one. It is important to have enough space.

When shopping for furniture, you can find nightstands alongside chests. What is the difference? They are nearly identical in their width. Nightstands are usually shorter and have drawers at their tops. There are two options for the storage space beneath: open or closed. Bedside chests are usually taller with multiple single-column storage drawers

5. Dressing tables can also be made from chests and dressers, in addition to armoires.

There are many options. There are so many options. It all comes down to how much space you have and what storage solutions will work best for your needs.


The chest is usually higher than its base. They are a great option for those with limited space. You can choose from a range of heights. They have 5 to 7 drawers. Each drawer is stacked in one column.


A dresser is taller than it is high, so it works well when paired up with a mirror. A dresser typically has 3-4 columns of drawers that can hold 6-9 drawers. Because they can be shared by two people, dressers are easier than chests.

Armoires & Chifferobes

Armoires and chifferobes make great hanging options. You will receive a rod to hang your clothes and shelves or drawers for organization. This is also true for gentleman’s chests. These chests often have both hanging space and drawer space.

Combining pieces

If you have enough space, you can combine the pieces to create one large unit. You get 18 drawers total with the addition of a six-drawer chest and two lingerie boxes.

6. Media Solutions

A media chest is a great option for bedroom TV storage. The media chest can be used to store cords, a Bluray player or DVD player. These chests are typically shorter than regular chests and will ensure your TV is at the correct height. A media shelf or dresser can be mounted on top of your TV if you don’t have enough space.

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