Check the status of the TS / CNS

Check the status of the TS / CNS

Without going to the offices in charge, the application “To see the status of my health card” is available on the internet. To carry out this verification it is necessary to have your own tax code.

If no Health Card is issued, the TS System message is “There is no Health Cards”: it is necessary to contact the competent ASL.

If it appears that the Health Card status is “in the process of being issued”, it is necessary to wait for the production and shipment to be completed.

If it appears that the status of the Health Card is “Sent” and it has not yet been received, it is necessary to contact any office of the Revenue Agency to verify the correct registration of your residence.

The service for the “Check the status of the TS-CNS” is temporarily suspended, for any information contact the toll-free number.

The TS-CNS Health Card is the tool in possession of every citizen registered with the National Health Service (SSN).

It can be used as an authentication tool to access public administration online services. To do this, you can follow the instructions given in ” access mode with TS-CNS “.

The “Print and request card” service for citizens allows you to:

  • Request a new card in case of theft, loss, or deterioration.
  • Download in PDF format and print a copy of your Health Card. To do this, citizens can access the service with the
    TS-CNS activated via SPID.
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