Campervans can be bought and sold

camper van for sale Dudley. Upload photos and describe your campervan. Your listing will be available to potential buyers via the website and Android apps. You can update your listing at any time. Notifications will be sent to buyers who contact you regarding your listing. It may be easy for you. It’s easy. It’s easy. It’s worth it to make sure your listing is accurate to maximize your chances for finding a buyer.

How do I place my listing online? In just 30 minutes, you can create high-quality listings.

Details about your vehicle (make/model/year, and mileage).



Camper amenities

Service history – Maintenance records

Creating your listing

You can either use an Android tablet or iPhone to create your listing. You can either use an Android tablet or smartphone to create your listing.

First, name your listing. Be concise and clear.

These are the things you should avoid.

Excessive use of caps (e.g. “MUST VIEW CAMPER LOW MILES”)

Your title should contain the details. Ford E-350 Campervans include stove, stoves, and solar-inverter heaters.

Vague/ambiguous titles – e.g. “Great campervans for sale”

Many classified websites are indexed by TipGoogle and other search engines. They can also search keywords within the title or description of the listing.

The title of your listing will be considered by search engines. The title of your listing is very important to search engines.


Buyers can connect with you by taking a video tour of your campervan. This will build trust and reveal details that photos cannot. These videos show space and function. For example, you can see how a sofa converts into a bed or how the fridge opens. These videos can be used for selling your campervan overseas. Videos can be either short or long. You can attract customers with a 60-second video walkthrough.


Photos are essential to a listing. Buyers often look at photos first. Buyers will choose to click on your listing if they are satisfied with the content. It is important to have high quality photos. This will allow you to convert more customers.

How to take amazing photos of your campervan

Take as many photos of your campervan as possible. This will show you the whole layout of your campervan.

Respect landscape aspect ratios. Photographs should be taken sideways, not vertically. This will make it easier to find them in search engines, without losing detail or cropping.

It is important to have the best quality camera. A DSLR is the best choice if you don’t have wide angle lenses. Any modern smartphone should work.

TipSmartphones that have more expensive features come with dedicated wide-angle lenses. These lenses are ideal for interior shots.

Keep your campervan clean. It is easy for vans to get messy very quickly, so be sure to clean everything before you take photos.

It is important to capture the right moment. Light is the key to great photos.

Photos should not be altered. Buyers would like to see the entire campervan.

What time does it take to sell my campervan?

There is no magic number. It all depends on the product, the way it was sold, and its price. You should expect to wait longer if your campervan has a higher value than it actually is. It can take between 2 and 5 months. If the price is lower than market value, you can expect to wait between 2 and 6 months. If the price is less than the market value, it will sell quickly. If campervans are well-priced and of high quality, it is possible to sell them quickly. Most campervans are sold within one week by our gallery

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