The rise in the Home Blood Sugar Testings and their impact on the overall market


Blood glucose test strips are regarded as one of the crucial components of the blood glucose testing process. These small & disposable plastic strips can appear minor, yet they play a very crucial role in assisting people with diabetes & in monitoring & controlling their condition. However, in the majority of cases, each meter can only accept one kind of test strip. Further, there are also certain blood glucose meters that can also test the various ketone levels using blood ketone strips. In 2020, the overall share of the Global blood glucose test strips market summed up to USD 11.6 billion. It is forecasted to reach a milestone of USD 21.16 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of around 6.2 % during the forecasted period.


On the test strip, blood combines with a component called glucose oxidase to develop gluconic acid from the glucose (C6 H12 06) that is present in the blood. An electric pulse is transferred to the test strip with the help of a meter that is located on another side of the test strip. 

Electric terminals on the strip allow the meter to calculate the amount of current flowing between them, which varies on the basis of gluconic acid generated. Based on the difference in current, the blood glucose meter uses a highly efficient algorithm to calculate the blood glucose level accurately. The T1International poll has revealed that more than around 38% of people suffer from diabetes in the United States & almost 33% of people worldwide have subsidized the blood glucose testing supplies. Some of the test strips, which are not as often used these days, do not require the use of a meter.

Some of the effective Ways to Test the Blood & Glucose levels

a.)  Traditional Way of Home Glucose Monitoring

Home glucose monitors can help an individual keep track of their diabetes level & can lower their risk of complications. Along with this treatment, the usage of a home monitor can help to identify those things in life that make the blood sugar level increase or decrease, from stress to dehydration, exercise to illness, and more.

The home-based monitoring meters vary in features, speed, size, portability, cost, & readability (with larger displays or spoken instructions if someone has vision problems). These devices deliver results in a short time span of fewer than 15 seconds & store this information for future usage.

b.) Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

The continuous glucose monitoring system automatically tracks the various blood glucose levels, also known as blood sugar, throughout the day & night. An individual can see his/her blood glucose level anytime at a glance. Some of these devices are well integrated with insulin pumps. Moreover, they’re not as accurate as compared to the finger-stick glucose results. But they can help an individual to find patterns & trends in his/her sugar levels.


Monitoring blood sugar levels helps to determine if the glucose targets can be properly made, which helps in the reduction of the unpleasant symptoms of high & low blood sugar, thereby avoiding long-term diabetes complications. Also, with the advent of these above-mentioned home monitoring systems, the market is expected to prosper exponentially over the upcoming years.


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