Bigtime Pricing Vs Jira Price Comparison – Which One is Best for Pricing?

Jira and Bigtime both offer a great feature set, but the two solutions have some key differences. For instance, Jira has different pricing tiers, depending on how many users your company has. Then there’s Jira Cloud, which is a fully managed solution that saves you time and money by requiring only one login. It also comes with automatic updates. In order to determine which, one is best for your organization, let’s compare the two pricing models.

Bigtime pricing

BigTime is a professional service management application that helps professionals manage their resources and clients. It was designed by a professional services firm, and it now helps its customers manage over $2 billion in annual client fees. It was recently named one of the Top 50 B2B tech companies in the Chicago area by G2 Crowd. BigTime offers a free trial. Its pricing model is very flexible, with a pay-as-you-go option available.

BigTime pricing is more expensive than Jira’s, but its features are more extensive and customizable than Jira’s. The paid version of BigTime costs $30 a month for up to five users and includes unlimited project pages, client records, and customizable reports. It is available on both the web and desktop. It also offers a free version but does not offer advanced features.

Jira Price

Jira and BigTime are two popular management software packages. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and users often find themselves unable to decide between the two. BigTime’s feature set is expansive, while Jira’s is limited. Jira users may find BigTime’s pricing structure confusing and frustrating. BigTime offers three paid editions. The BigTime Express plan costs $10 per month and includes five participants, a comprehensive dashboard, and widespread time and attendance reports. BigTime’s Pro plan offers additional features, including unlimited users, API access, and invoicing.

BigTime allows users to view business data in real time, enabling managers to make better decisions. Advanced dashboards, reports, and analytics enable BigTime users to track and manage projects. Its reporting center enables teams to make more informed decisions and increase profitability. Its customizable templates and configurable reporting allow users to tailor their reporting experience for their own needs.

Bigtime vs Jira Price comparison

Jira and BigTime both offer project management software, but they have different pricing models. Jira has a free version, while BigTime is a paid solution. Both are suitable for smaller teams, but BigTime is better suited for larger organizations.

Jira has more features, but it’s also pricier than BigTime. Jira offers features such as project management, reporting, dashboards, and integration with other software. It also supports multiple users and allows users to create different timeframes for different projects.

Jira pricing tiers depend on the number of users. The basic version costs $42,000 per year, while the highest plan costs $450,000 a year. Jira’s cloud-based pricing is cheaper and safe, and there’s only one login to use. It also includes automatic updates. There are a number of differences between Jira price and BigTime pricing, so we’ll compare them to determine which one’s best for your organization.

Which one is Best Jira or Bigtime?

The Jira website lists separate pages for the main product and the hosting version. Atlassian no longer sells Server Edition, so users should opt for the Data Center version, which requires a minimum of 500 users. Both versions offer the same functionality, but the latter has additional features for enterprise use. If your team requires extra security and work management, Jira Cloud is the best choice.

Pricing is another important consideration. The enterprise plan offers advanced features, including the ability to manage multiple projects. Additionally, you can manage your issues using multiple boards. Jira can be used to track multiple projects, manage multiple issues, and manage a wide variety of dependencies.


To make a Bigtime Pricing vs Jira price comparison, it is necessary to look at the pricing structure of each software. Jira is an Atlassian software product, and its pricing tier is based on how many projects and users you have. For a free tier, you can use Jira Work Management, but you must purchase a full license to take advantage of its full functionality.

Jira is a good option for businesses that need extensive project management, budgeting, time tracking, expense management, invoicing, reporting, and analytics. The company offers integrations with Google, Jira Software, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Sage Intacct. It also offers Jira integrations with Slack, Zapier, and other tools.

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