Asbestos Test Kits: How To Choose

Asbestos is a common concern for homeowners. This is a good thing. Asbestosis is responsible for chronic lung disease. Asbestosis can lead to mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. You used to have to hire an asbestos testing company to test your home. Now you can test your home for asbestos yourself. The public can now purchase asbestos testing kits. Although they may not be possible for all, certain processes can still managed. These kits are quicker and more affordable than traditional methods. This is a great place to start. Click here to order best asbestos testing colorado kits.

Where is the Asbestos located?

You may have asbestos in your home at many locations. It’s not always as simple as it appears. It is possible to mistake asbestos-containing materials such as blown in cellulose for other materials. It is possible to have beautiful shingles covering your exterior. What happens if there is no asbestos? It could be an asbestos cement-type roofing material. If the material is silver-gold or gray-brownish, it could look loose insulation.

Vinyl tiles

Popcorn ceilings


Pipe cement


Some exterior cement

How do you choose the best asbestos testing kit?

Because of the high cost, many homeowners neglect asbestos testing. There are many options, but an asbestos test kit is cheaper. The most common method of testing for asbestos in kits is two-step testing.

After you purchase your asbestos testing kit, you’ll receive notification about any asbestos-related issues in your home.

The bagged material will be delivered to the laboratory.

Your results will be sent to you via email.

View the fee structure

Some kits only require one-time fees. Some kits require only a once-off fee. Some kits only require a one-time fee. Others may charge two fees, one for the kit and one for laboratory results. All kits include a return envelope. This is an important consideration when looking for an asbestos test kit.


Samples will be required to test the material. Safety glasses, gloves, boots covers, and safety glasses are necessary. A respirator with a HEPA filter should be used. These filters are required for any kit containing asbestos. It is easier to test for asbestos using friable materials (or crumbs), than with solid materials. First, take small quantities of the material and seal it. Then test it. Then mail it. Then, take some dust samples. You will likely only need one teaspoon. Dust sampling can be more costly due to the lab process. Before purchasing an asbestos kit, make sure you consider the safety and material that you will be testing.

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