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MetLife Insurance is an insurer born in New York that has more than 18 years of experience in the insurance policy market. It has various types of services especially aimed at the general public, who seek to protect both their assets and their loved ones. It also offers services for companies with insurance for: Health and accidents, Dental, vehicles and motorcycles, as well as Life and Home Protection. Remember, choosing the ideal insurance comes from a thorough analysis and comparison.

MetLife Auto Insurance

MetLife insurance policy offers personalized insurance for cars, boats and motorcycles, therefore, this company has a comprehensive policy that includes personalized plans as needed by the user, that is, that are adjusted to your needs.

Auto Policies of MetLife

This policy has a deductible savings benefit, therefore, it includes free endorsements, that is, paid checks that other companies offer for an additional cost. Finally, depending on the personalized policy form for each user, this benefit could be from 250 to 500 dollars.

The MetLife auto policy includes:

  • Total loss of new car within the first year or the first 15,000 miles, this section includes repair or replacement, it is important to mention that this benefit is not available in North Carolina.
  • Replacement of fundamental parts such as: Tires, batteries, steering or electrical cables and brakes. However, this policy does not cover theft of tires or batteries, unless the entire vehicle is missing.
  • Rental car policy, which also includes possible collision physical damage, also this service is not available in North Carolina.
  • Protection for civil liability for damage to material goods, in addition to covering bodily injury to third parties in the event that the insured party is responsible for the crash.
  • Protection against personal injury, which includes payment of necessary medical expenses, hospitalization and death expenses for the driver and passengers in the vehicle.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage for vehicle damage, protection against falling objects, fire, floods, hail, vandalism and theft.
  • Coverage of uninsured motorists in case of injuries and property damage when an uninsured car is responsible, finally, this service also covers hit-and-runs.
  • Coverage for insured drivers that covers the excess of expenses that cannot be canceled by the insurance of the other responsible car, in terms of damages and injuries.

For more information, quotes and prices in Spanish about this service, you can consult the customer service numbers that we described at the beginning of the article. Also, you can obtain additional information on the official website through the auto insurance section.

MetLife Boat Insurance

Boat coverage is available for private and recreational boats; MetLife Auto & Home does not cover commercial or rental boats.

Hiring this service you will get the following benefits:

  • boat repair
  • passenger protection
  • Coverage for uninsured and underinsured boaters
  • liability protection
  • Coverage of legal fees, in case of lawsuit
  • Hurricane protection as long as the National Weather Service issues a prior warning.
  • Unforeseen emergency services

MetLife Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle and RV insurance policies are ideal for keeping sports, extreme sports and RV vehicles in good shape for the holiday season. This insurance includes protection for:

  • Motorcycles and dirt bikes
  • Scooters, golf carts and segways
  • Campers and trailers
  • ATVs and snowmobiles

This type of policy offers:

  • Bodily injury liability and medical payments coverage that covers care for the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.
  • Legal defense expenses, which has coverage for all defense expenses against civil liability claims for accidents.
  • Towing and roadside assistance, this is coverage for expenses to tow the insured car and make pertinent arrangements such as moving to a highway.
  • Emergency first aid costs, replacements, and roadside towing assistance that can reimburse up to $250 per day in an emergency. It is also important to mention that the services have certain restrictions depending on the state.


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