An explanation of how to measure two-legged chain slings


Each master link’s effectiveness will be determined by its size, strength, length, efficiency and other factors. On construction sites that have heavy construction loads or rigging pipes, two-slings may be possible.

Construction projects’ horizontal load capacity

The main parameter that determines the vertical load capacity of the 2 leg Sling is the master link, or mechanical strength. This is dependent on the strength of the beam and its attachment.

Two-leg chains that are two feet long can lift large drums and containers. They are connected to horizontal beams which run the length the factory’s production space.

Service engineers must confirm the dimensions of chain-slings before they are lifted or moved. These are the most critical parameters.

Master, sub-link diameter

Strength Length

Load dimension

Relationship between the load dimension and the length of chain

The tree can withstand temperatures as high as 105degF

These are just some of the many factors that can affect the efficiency of a Chain-Sling. When transporting loads, it is important to balance them.

Safety and Security Methods

Weigh your loads before you begin rigging. Before you start rigging, weigh all of your loads.

The reach is the distance between the masterlink and the load. The reach will be affected by the weight and size the load. Heavy loads can be supported by the angle between the load and the chain. It is 90 degrees. For load-carrying capacity, the angle between load and link may be less.

It is possible to connect both slings together if the load exceeds 2000 lbs. The load angle should range from 30 to 45 degrees.

This angle will ensure maximum safety and security of the load that the sling is carrying. The service engineer must ensure that the load is placed no more than 30 degrees away from the chain to ensure safety and security.

Hitch Strength – Efficient load handling

Two Leg Chain Slings are designed to be able carry various types of loads.


Two-leg cable Slings are great for lifting heavy loads and increasing safety. Regular maintenance will prolong the useful life of your sling and increase its productivity.


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