5 products that are more expensive at Costco

Although Costco is well known for giving good deals on their products, not everything they sell here is worth buying. And there are some things that you could find at a better price elsewhere

Prepared food is one of the things that you might be better off buying at another store.

Although Costco is well known for giving good deals on their products, not everything they sell here is worth buying . And there are some things that you could find at a better price elsewhere, or that are sold in quantities that you can consume.

Here are some products that you better think twice before buying:

1–Laundry Detergent

Prices per ounce for jumbo packages of laundry detergent, dish soap, and other cleaning products are typically lower at Costco than at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. However, the product has an expiration date.

Remember that unopened detergents have a shelf life of nine to 12 months, and only last about six months once opened. If you use powdered detergent in a high humidity environment, the time is even less.

This is fine for large families who do a lot of laundry, such as a couple with four children. If you use too little detergent, then you will be wasting money for sure .

2–Spare parts

You won’t find auto parts or appliance components at Costco, but you can often get air filters for your furnace, ink for your printer, water filters for your refrigerator, and similar items that you need to replace on a routine basis.

The thing is, you can get these components cheaper if you buy them from the manufacturer or from a local appliance repair company.

3– Groceries in large packages

Sandwiches, dry goods, canned soup, and frozen meats are great deals at Costco. However, be careful when selecting the jumbo bags and boxes of these products.

These are essential for restaurants and catering events, but ask yourself if your family will eat all that romaine lettuce you bought before the leaves start to wilt.

As with the detergent we mentioned above, the unit price is only a good deal if you use what you bought before the product expires .

Unless you use this product quickly, you should not buy it.

4–Rotisserie chicken and prepared food

Grocery stores around the world make much of their profit from impulse buying.

Roast chickens, ribs, and freshly baked pizzas are alluring to us because they’re a quick and easy dinner, and at first glance seem priced right. However, at Costco they are actually more expensive than the same products you find at your traditional grocery store or supermarket.

It is best to look for other more local options.

5–Organic milk

A three-pack of regular milk bottles is usually a great deal at Costco, but specialty milk is less cheap . For example, as of February 2022, a three-pack of Kirkland Signature 1% organic milk bottles costs $2 more than buying three gallons of milk at Target.

This same trend often occurs with almond milk, soy milk, and other similar options that are not traditional milks. Add to this how quickly milk spoils, and it’s generally best not to buy this product in bulk.

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