5 Misconceptions About Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is one of the best therapies that can be used for the betterment of the muscles and bones health. But a lot of people have a number of misconceptions when it comes to getting it done. The information that is delivered to people is not up to the mark and is oftentimes made up.

Physiotherapy is done to restore the function and movement of a person that is injured, disabled, or ill. It also helps immensely in reducing the chances of you getting sick in the future. It does demand holistic care that involves the patient’s own will in their care.

The best physiotherapist in Karachi says that a lot of people to this day have a stereotype that physiotherapy should only be done if there is an injury or a muscle problem.

Now, let’s have a look at all the misconceptions that people have when it comes to physiotherapy and its use.

1- Physiotherapy can only work when I am in pain

Now, physiotherapy does help when you are in pain. The rehabilitation of injuries can be done great by using the therapy. So, saying that physiotherapy helps in getting rid of pain is just one part of it. A lot of times, the injury doesn’t occur at the place where it is sore but from the way you walk. So, a lot of times, your movement pattern can be the culprit.

In order to make your move, your movement pattern is fixed in order to keep muscle flexibility and joint mobility intact. Improving the movement in the affected area of the body can improve the strength and the control of muscles and also prevent injuries from re-occurring. A funny benefit is that it also makes you feel like you are way younger than you actually are. 

2- It is all about trying a bunch of exercises

Trying out around 15 exercises in physiotherapy is very normal. Your physiotherapist can try sn incorporate different exercises while giving you the session. Now, to think that there will be 100 types of exercises to fix your muscles is completely wrong, your therapist can give you two to three exercises max at a time in order to give you the therapy. 

Also, it is not all exercises that work, most of the time it is the posture, the movement of the body and the structure of a lot of muscles that matter. Now, the change in movement pattern told by the doctor makes a difference in a person’s health as they exercise without even knowing when they are differently moving their body.

3- Physiotherapy is only for injuries to muscles

Physio is not the simple massage that is done with heat packs.  It is totally something else. Sure physiotherapy does help a lot with muscle pain and strains but there is a lot more to it than just that. Other conditions that can be cured with physiotherapy include: 

  • Tendon problems
  • Nerve problems
  • Vertigo problems
  • Neurological issues like stroke, balance problems, and coordination
  • Waterproof casting for broken bones
  • Disc problems
  • Jaw pain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Knee and shoulder reconstruction
  • After surgery help

To say that physiotherapy can only help with injuries is not okay. This is a very big misconception that is often believed by a lot of people to date. 

4- A couple of exercises are needed to keep you going

It is easy to manage at least two exercises however if you stick to just one then obviously it is not going to give that great of a cure. To get you going a number of exercises are needed. In case of an injury, there is the possibility that only one exercise can help as the movement of too many muscles can be risky for the body. 

Some exercises can work for the short term and then the effect goes away. Some of the exercises might challenge you to push yourself. But to think that a couple of exercises will be needed to keep yourself okay. There might be some more sessions that are needed as the progress cannot be achieved through one or two.   

5- You need proper scanning every time you visit a physiotherapist

While scans can be very helpful, it is nowhere written that you need to get them done every time you visit a physiotherapist. A one-time scan is just needed to identify the main issue. 

But the most important thing here is that the earlier you start physiotherapy, the earlier it works and shows results. 


Physiotherapy is one form of therapy that is quite helpful in keeping the bones and muscles in place. It works like magic and does show magical results. But one thing to keep in check here is the information one believes in. It is essential to keep a track of the myths and the facts and to differentiate between the two.  

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